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My Facebook friends have already seen this, but this is a care package my mom just sent me. 005Ok, seriously, how awesome is my mom? When she comes to visit next I’m going to cook her so much good stuff… wait. She’s coming in just a couple weeks, I’m beginning to doubt the altruism here. Heh. Well sinister motives or no I have a box full of wicked good spices many of which I can’t seem to get in Iowa. Let’s discuss a few, why not.

Northwoods seasoning mix and it’s “fire” variant. I’ve had them before and love them. Sprinkle it on oiled potato wedges before baking, rub into a steak, mix into meatloaf, I’ve done all of those and they’ve been awesome.

Adobo. *Joy*. This is the Spanish style, not Filipino and it’s just wonderful (note, those chipotle peppers you get in the little cans are an adobo thing). I use it in tacos, fajitas, stew, chili, grilled cheese, all kinds of stuff.

Tien Tsin peppers!!! I can make General Gau’s chicken! And kung pao! If I could dance this would be a time to do it. If you are interested in the tech specs they are ~50,000-75,000 on the Scoville scale. Not a delicate pepper.

And that’s it for the ones I’ve used other than marjoram and oregano which I’m guessing she put in as filler. Not that I’m complaining, I went to make gyros the other day and realized I didn’t have marjoram. It wasn’t cool. I’ve also used tomato paste, but not chili pepper paste. I think chili is happening soon, especially since she included a can of jalapenos. Hmm, her last care package had a jar of chipotle peppers and paprika. It’s like she *wants* me to make chili…

As for the rest we’ve got sumac, fenugreek, zatar mix, something called “sandwich sprinkle” which I’m intrigued with, lemongrass, herbes de Provence, Greek seasoning, garam masala, two heat levels of curry powder, chili 3000 (sounds like a terrible monster movie, which makes me love it already), raspberry enlightenment (that *has* to be good), Arizona dreaming, Galena St and Skittles. Whew. So much awesome. The package had a couple other things too, some rice, bandaids, neosporin, sesame sticks, a head massager that I thought was a whisk… I think that’s it. And really, one can’t ask for more. My sister and me already have a list of things to make when my parents come visit in a couple weeks, I think it’s about to get longer.

***disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Penzeys and did not receive anything from them to make this post. However, Penzeys, if you would like to give me things to make more posts my contact information is in the sidebar. Thanks.


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