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There Should Be Pizza

Holy crap, how did I spend this long on the new blog without posting pizza? It’s practically my signature thing! Well, here is some.


This one is turkey pepperoni (surprisingly awesome, btw, I’ll share more about my opinion on that some other time), onion and bbq sauce.


It’s even homemade sauce, I’ll post about that soon too. (Update: here is the sauce) The dough is the ABin5 stuff, makes a killer pizza. Not sure why my crust didn’t brown to speak off, but whatever. The cheese did and that, in my opinion, is the most important part.


Whew, that’s better. I’ve been on WordPress over a month and I didn’t have a “pizza” category.  I did make this one in a pan, I’ve had some problems with transferring pizza from a peel to the stone. Lately I’ve been starting it in a pan and transferring it to the stone once it’s set up a bit. My clever sister told me that’s how she does it and it works just fine. So there’s a tip for you, too, this isn’t just filler, I swear! Heh.


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