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Sunday Critters #13

The good news, here is a picture of the real Bob!

023The bad news, I’m completely burned out on blogging. Gonna take a break, no idea how long it’s going to be. Hopefully I’ll be back and better than ever before too long though, so don’t take me out of your feed! Heh.


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Sunday Critters #10

160 163 004 This post was brought to you by the letter Z.


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Sunday Critters #8


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Sunday Critters #7

Just put up with it buddy, she loves you.066Kisses or secrets? Only they know.069You can’t hide, Bob. She’s craftier than she looks.075

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Sunday Critters #6

Still have a cold, no energy to be amusing. So here is Thing 4 trying to get the Real Bob to play with her then just giving up and molesting him. He’s a good sport.

073070 074

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Sunday Critters #5

A few weeks ago Thing 2 came over and we made honey chicken and doughnuts. Because really, once you’ve gotten set up for deep frying you might as well do it up. Here she is separating an egg, which she enjoys doing. I enjoy her enjoying it since I hate it.

002 (2) - CopyAnd here she is trying to convince the Real Bob that she isn’t as intimidating as Thing 5 (toddler) or Thing 4 (5 year old). 056 He is not yet convinced.

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Sunday Critters #4

This does not bode well.


Or maybe…


Yeah, it’s fine.  100

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Sunday Critters #3

I lost several folders worth of pictures, which pisses me off, but while trying to find them I did find a bunch of other ones. Like this one of the Real Bob snuggling with Thing 5 when she came to visit me back when I lived in Boston.

DSCN3409And this one of that same Thing being comforted by Thing 3 while he played on the computer. I don’t remember why she needed comforting, but he’s good about it when she does. It’s very sweet.

231And this one of Thing 5 again, eating an apple.

465  She put her brothers Spiderman shirt on herself, can you tell? Heh. She’s awfully photogenic, too.

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Sunday Critters #2

Since cats are what these Sunday posts started off with I figured I should keep it up with more cat pics before getting to toddler ones. So here is the Real Bob, sleeping peacefully on my bed.

017No idea why my bed is made, can’t remember that happening. But whatever, now please enjoy pictures of my 18 month old niece trying to put on a six year olds cowboy boots.179Yes, I see you, but I don’t think it’s going to fit.

183Uhm, sweets? That’s not how it works.

178Especially not backwards.

184Well now I’m just surprised that you’re doing it the traditional way.


193Don’t look at me, this was your idea.

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Sunday Cats

My computer is being weird, so here’s a quickie. The Real Bob stealing my bedding.081

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