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BBQ Pulled Chicken Open Face Sandwich

Here’s a quickie but a goodie and my new favorite thing to do with pulled chicken (or beef, pork or whatever).039 - CopyI didn’t used to like open face sandwiches and I still have a problem with the name, I mean if you can’t pick it up how is it a sandwich? But this totally won me over. The secret, other than using good pulled chicken, is garlic bread. I like to use Texas toast (which you can buy loaves of here) because thin bread just can’t hang. I use this pulled chicken although I have to admit to being a little embarrassed posting that link. Not just because it’s almost five years old and the pictures are terrible, but the method has certain flaws.


For example you really don’t need to braise boneless skinless chicken breasts for an hour or more. But what did I know, I was just starting at this blogging thing and still refining my cooking skills. Of course I’m still refining my skills, but that’s an endless journey. Heh. And anyway, the concept is sound, chicken, bacon and BBQ sauce are awesome together. They’re even better slathered on thick garlic bread with sauteed onions, covered in cheese, tossed in the oven for melting goodness and then topped with some scallion. Seriously.055 - Copy How can you not want to eat that wicked bad? Unless you’re a vegetarian, although I doubt I have too many of those following me. Heh.


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My First Real Burger in Iowa

Just a quickie today, with any luck I’m going to be able to do some furniture shopping this morning and I’ll spend the rest of the day assembling and arranging. But since I’m a generous guy I thought I’d share this unmitigated delight that I had for dinner last night.013Look at it. Look!017We’ve got bacon, pickles, lettuce, onions, cheese, a fancy pants roll and some spiced up mayo on this bad boy. The mayonnaise is really the thing de resistance, a couple hours before I made the burger I combined some dehydrated onion, garlic, jalapenos and black pepper with some mayo and let it sit in the fridge until dinner time. It would have been better with all fresh, of course, but I’m still working with a semi stocked kitchen. Anyway, dehydrated or not it made a killer spread and I suggest the flavor combination highly. Next step, get a grill and do these things up right.

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Something to Do with Leftover French Fries

From the Vault: No time to write a post today, I’m spending some quality time with one of my nieces. But in the spirit of keeping reader interest here’s an oldie.

Something To Do With Leftover: French Fries

 I can hear you all now; “Bob, what exactly are leftover french fries?” And I’ll admit, I had a hard time with it when I realized that’s what I had. But I had ordered a plate from a local sub shop (sandwich, salad and fries) and the fries were… well, they were squishy. My thoughts on squishy vegetables are well known and that extends to fries. Fries should be crispy, preferably very. So I tossed them in a ziploc bag, then into the fridge and figured something would come to me, eventually. I woke up the next day with this in my head.What, you ask, was “this”? Well, it was… er, this.I chopped up the fries and took some crispy bacon, an egg, sauteed onion and parsley. Mixed it all together

and dropped it into a preheated nonstick pan. There was more than I thought there would be so I formed it into two big patty thingies. Then I fried them till they were crispy, brown and delightful. And ate it. It was wicked good. So if you ever find yourself with some leftover fries (or order too many by “accident”) this is a great thing to do with them. I mean c’mon, what’s not to like? A little cheese would have been good, too… (Editors note: and sriracha!)

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One Pot Bacon BBQ Beans

Ok, that title may seem misleading to some since I’m not actually posting a recipe, but actually it’s one of the few things I can be sure of.

055 sq

How is that, you ask? Well that’s as far as I got on the post last time. I had thought (hoped) I had written down the recipe here because I lost the paper one, but sadly this was not to be. So instead I’ll just tease with some pics and then recreate it after the next time I go shopping.  Then I’ll write it down and probably lose it again, but hopefully get it onto the computer first. In the meantime I can assure you of a few things:

  1. This whole thing was done in one pot026
  2. There is bacon
  3. AND beans
  4. plus a sweet/tomatoy bbq sauce


I also remember eating it and it was awesome, although I think the other version (the one I also remember eating but not the recipe for) with pineapple was better.040 -sq Either would be great for a cookout or potluck since they are even better made a day or two in advance. Is there a time these beans wouldn’t be good? I don’t expect it. Is there anything they can’t do? Probably, but I wouldn’t test them. I mean, you could bring them to the beach or something. They’re great in cold weather or warm. With pot roast or barbecue! How much would you expect to pay for all these beans? Huh?! But wait, there’s more! Oh, what? Ah, sorry, I guess there isn’t.

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