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Stuff I Love: Sriracha

Holy crap, words can’t describe my love for sriracha.


I got my first bottle not too long ago and I’m pretty sure I’ve put it in/on/around everything I’ve eaten since then.

For those not in the know, sriracha is a Thai hot chili sauce. It has a powerful fresh chili flavor and goes great in everything. I’ve particularly liked it mixed with mayonnaise and put on sandwiches, mixed in ketchup for fries and on eggs, falafel, ham hash, in stew, in a marinade for beef, in egg salad… that’s all I can think of off the top of my head. But there’s more. I’d love to hear what other people do with this stuff. Hint, hint. Heh.


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  1. marguerite says:

    My daughter LOVES sriracha too. She also puts it on everything… I’ll have to suggest the mixing w/mayo thing!!

  2. […] and dropped it into a preheated nonstick pan. There was more than I thought there would be so I formed it into two big patty thingies. Then I fried them till they were crispy, brown and delightful. And ate it. It was wicked good. So if you ever find yourself with some leftover fries (or order too many by “accident”) this is a great thing to do with them. I mean c’mon, what’s not to like? A little cheese would have been good, too… (Editors note: and sriracha!) […]

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