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Storm Rations: Naan, Falafel and Asian Meatballs

Well, I’m pretty much trapped for several days. At least I’m not going out until the snow stops falling and the trees stop moving. Conveniently I’ve been making a lot of stuff I can keep in the freezer lately as part of moving the blog and getting pictures for new posts. I also have the next few posts scheduled and don’t feel like playing with that, so here are some teaser pics.

This is a roll I made with the bread dough I talked about a couple posts ago.


Lots of sesame seeds on it to match the raspberry/sesame marinated onions. Yeah, those are a thing now. Also in there are some asian flavored turkey balls with a sweet and sour glaze. The meatballs were previously frozen by me, more on that later.

This is fresh, homemade naan (also with that bread dough I mentioned before) with homemade falafel, also from the freezer.

falafel naanAgain, the freezer falafel is another post. The sauce on it is Greek yogurt, diced onion, oregano, dry lemon zest and sriracha, chilled for a couple hours. And I have more falafel and meatballs in the freezer so if the gas in my apartment stays on I’m good for days.


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